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At Baetje Farms we hold ourselves to very high standards. We believe the best cheese comes from the best milk that comes from animals in the best physical condition. In every bite you can taste the passion and dedication that goes into crafting each product.

Our Story

Baetje Farms, pronounced “Bay-G”, began when co-founders Steve and Veronica Baetje bought their first goat just over 20 years ago. As a hobby, they sought out the best way to make French inspired “Pure Artisan Farmstead” goat cheeses. Shortly after, they shared 88 heart shaped pieces of chevre with the public for the first time at the St. Louis Wine Festival.  When the line was wrapped around the building for people wanting to try the cheese and they ran out, they knew they were on to something.  Since then, Baetje Farms have won over 70 national and international awards for their cheese and is distributed throughout the Unites States. 

Our Farm

Baetje Farms is nestled between Southeast Missouri’s rolling hills and a natural spring fed creek in the Forche du Clos Valley. We are located 3 miles off Interstate 55 just south of St. Louis at the entrance to Missouri Wine Country in Bloomsdale, MO.  The area is one of the oldest settlements west of the Mississippi River as French settlers came down the Mississippi River from Canada in the early 1700s and stopped here for diversity of the land and rich soil conditions for growing crops. Our barn began as a Sears and Roebuck kit barn, built by our neighbor's uncle in 1912.  


Our cheese making facility is built to produce small quantities of cheese coupled with state-of-the-art aging facilities that produce exact temperature and humidity conditions. We use very fresh rennet and cultures that are imported from France and Denmark. The first cheese plant was added onto the barn in 2006 and a second addition in 2011 to meet demand.  Who knows, we just may be added on again soon!

Our Dairy

Baetje Farms began as a farmstead operation and now we work with other farmers who also hold themselves to the same high-quality standards.  Together our goats receive unlimited supply of filtered spring water from spring fed creeks.  They receive organic teas, organic mineral supplements, locally grown alfalfa and are fed a natural antibiotic free grain.  The goats are free to enjoy the pastures, are not fed hormones to increase milk production and breed naturally.  Happy and healthy goats produce great milk, which helps our cheesemakers make great cheese!

Our Team

In the 20 years since the founders launched an industry leading cheese making business, a lot has changed, but so much remains!  Our team continues to grow, but that does not stop us from being keenly focused on crafting premier, delicious award-winning cheeses.  We foster the roots of which Baetje Farms was founded, know our team members our are greatest resources and take pride in sharing our products with you!  That is why our team is also excited to share....

The Artisan is Born

As part of our dedication to the legacy of Baetje Farms, we wanted to share it with our customers, hence opening it to agritourism and building The Artisan; an event center and tasting room.  The name pays tribute to the profound work of our cheese makers.  The space welcomes guests to weddings, gatherings, tours and simply enjoying your favorite piece of cheese.  We are excited to showcase the history of Baetje Farms and open it for guests to enjoy a place so special!

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