World Renowned Artisan Goat Cheese

Bloomsdale is our flagship cheese. Named after the area where our farm and creamery resides this cheese has won some prestigious awards including: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2018 super gold World Cheese Awards. 1st American Cheese Society 2012.

This cheese is inspired by the very old French cheese "Valencay". Originally the Valencay cheese was shaped like a perfect pyramid with a pointed top. However, upon Napoleon's return from his disastrous campaign in Egypt, he stopped at the castle of Valencay and seeing the cheese that so reminded him of the pyramids, in a rage he drew his sword and chopped of the top. This cheese has been made with a flattened top ever since that day.  We deceided to choose the name "Bloomsdale" because its shape reminds us to the hills surrounding us where our farm resides. 

Considered a mold ripened cheese, this cheese is rolled in a mixture of pine ash and salt and aged until it forms a beautiful bloom of white mold. The question is often raised, "do we eat the rind?" The answer is YES! The rind is edible and it is delicious and has the scent of earthy mushrooms. As this cheese ages over time it becomes progressively softer to the point of runniness beginning from just under the rind and working towards the center. The cheese will deepen in flavors and develops some blue cheese flavor notes, though it is not a true blue cheese. Some of our customers perfer to let it age until it is completly liquidified and use it as a savory sauce for grilled steaks.